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Graphic Design

Brochures tell your story to your potential customers. Whether you use them to create a business profile, or provide information about a product / service, your story needs to be interesting, compelling and visually appealing.  'Designed Just for You' creates brochures, touch cards, flyers, etc.,  that will help your business tell your story with pride at a price you can afford. 


Looking to brand your business, or need a logo for a special event or family reunion?  'Designed Just for You' will work with you to get your vision published.


Single-Sided Leaflet $100.00 - 1 Design concept of single side leaflet.  

Double-Sided Leaflet $150.00 - 2 Design concepts of double side leaflet.

Tri-Fold Brochure (6 page) $200.00 - 2 Design concepts tri-fold brochure of 3 pages.

Half Fold Brochure (4 page) $200.00 - 2 Design concepts tri-fold brochure of 4 pages.

Single-Sided Postcard or Touch Card (standard or oversized) $75.00 - 1 Design concept of single side postcard, backside will basic name and address  or left blank.  

Double-Sided Postcard (standard or oversized) $100.00 - 2 Design concept of doubled side postcard, backside designed to your specifications.

Logo Design  $100.00 per graphic design.  

All graphic design projects include 1 stock photo per design.  You can purchase or provide additional stock photos for your project. 

You will receive a digital file of the final artwork or project in one or more of the following file formats; pdf, jpg, gif, png or psd.

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